5 Places to Buy Bengal Cats in California

5.) Little Leopard Cats

Pocket Leopards Bengals is a Bengal Cat breeder based in Sacramento California. Pocket Leopards Bengals, best known first of all for their charcoal brown Bengal’s, and charcoal snow Bengal’s, which are charcoal Bengal cats of all colors, however, they also breed and contain Bengal kittens up for sale in the typical colors of brown Bengal’s, and snow Bengal’s. In both the spotted / rosetted and every now and then, marble patterns. Known to be a leader in charcoal Bengal research, all of the studies done by the owners have made the advancements of DNA testing for charcoal coat patterns or colors possible. If one wants to know more about this, the owners even have their own Genetics Lab website where you can find all the information on the cats they house.

4.) San Diego Bengals

San Diego Bengal is a small TICA/CFA & TIBCS registered in home Bengal breeder that is located in Poway, California, which also happens to be a 20-minute drive from San Diego. The company has successfully been breeding for over 9 years. The breeders employed at San Diego Bengals come from TICA registered Championship backgrounds as well.  All the breeders are TICA registered.  Kittens are all brought up indoors, they are treated like members of the family and handled every day starting from birth to make sure that they start to gain a strong feline-human bond, and thus producing well socialized and very friendly kittens/cats which will adapt to your home quickly and are always ready for adventure.

3.) Quality Bengal Kittens

The advent of this company was sparked by a relatively small question on a Facebook discussion board, which read  “Does anyone feed whole prey, and if so, does anyone raise their own?” The owner of Quality Bengal Kittens knew someone who lived on a farm in Scotland and raised a big portion of his cats’ food.  The owner was able to ask her Scottish friend a few more in-depth questions, primarily about dispatching, and decided that this was something that she and her new Scottish soulmate would raise and breed Bengal Kittens together, in quite the quality fashion.

2.) Far Out Bengals

For the past 16 years, Far Out Bengals have successfully been breeding Bengals at their location, located in Campo, which is a small town in Southern, California- also known as the San Diego Area. They are nicely seated within mountains and Valleys and have some coyotes in the area so they never ever let the Bengal cat or kittens out of the house. That being said, the kittens are trained to not run away from the start. The owners have a famous reputation for giving these Far Out Bengal cats and kittens a load of love and affection, having been told that the love they give these cats is passed on to the new owner.

1.) Bengal Babies

Bengal Babies is located in Newport Coast California. This breeding operation does its best to produce the healthiest of kittens by starting with taking great care of its adult breeders, The breeders don’t in-home breed because they believe that is breeding parents to siblings. They feed the ideal nutritional diet, they keep up on their yearly health checks, vaccinations, ear mites, de-worms, flea prevention, and HCM testing for healthy hearts. They possess a C-1 blood panel test for the coronavirus, coccidia, and giardia with parasites. Every cattery has its own litter of sick kittens, which is why Bengal Babies has a health guarantee. If the cat is sick, return it, no questions asked.

The video below shares some tips before buying a Bengal cat!