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5 Tips For Replay-Worthy Snapchat Nudes

Snapchat has brought sexting into the mainstream. The app itself was based around the idea of sending illicit pictures to partners, safe in the knowledge they would soon disappear for good. It’s no surprise, then, that the app is now the central hub of nude picture exchange on the internet.

But this presents a problem: with how popular Snapchat nudes have become, the standard of risqué picture quality has increased drastically. So, if you want to know how to ensure that you’re sending replay-worthy Snapchat nudes, read the five points below.

Don’t neglect the foreplay

As with normal sex, the buildup can sometimes be the best part. If you’re planning on sending a sexy Snapchat nude to your partner, don’t just dive right in. Instead, begin the interaction with a sexy message or two, maybe alongside a snap of you fully clothed.

Then gradually ramp up the intensity once they reply. Tell your sext-buddy that you can’t wait to get them behind closed doors, followed by a fully naked shot of you in your sexiest position. You can guarantee they’ll be thinking about you for the rest of the day.

Make a short clip

Sending a Snapchat video nude is just as simple as sending a picture, so why not go the whole hog?

The possibilities of what to send are endless. Maybe record yourself doing a sexy dance to one of your favorite songs, or maybe slowly run the camera along your body, and then cut away at the explicit parts.

A particularly sexy idea is to take a video of your upper body or face, while an intense vibration sounds in the background. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on, but it make your partner’s imagination fill in the blanks.

Dirty talk is a must

Even though your Snapchat nude might already say a million words, throwing in a couple of sexy comments along with it is sure to get your partner replaying over and over again.

If you’ve sent your partner a sexy topless picture, try adding a line like: “I wonder if anyone’s around to give me a massage?” Words can be just as sexy risqué photos, so combine them together to give your partner a taste of heaven.

Use a conveniently-placed filter

Snapchat filters are the new black.  They’re everywhere, from your friends’ profile photos to publicity shots of global megastars. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michelle Obama have recently joined the craze.

But, a Snapchat filter is more than just a cutesy pair of puppy ears or a halo of flowers. When placed right, they can be the difference between a sexy pic and a very sexy pic. Filters don’t have to adorn your face, you can place them anywhere – including over your explicit areas. Play around with them to see what kind of creative shots you can come up with.

Set the mood

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t even need to send a picture of yourself to guarantee a replay-worthy snap. Instead, send your sext-buddy pictures or videos of things which merely hint at sex rather than being outright about it.

For example, if you send your partner a picture of your candlelit bedroom with some saucy lingerie lying on the bed, you’ll force their imagination into overdrive. It creates anticipation and excitement and you won’t even need to find the perfect filter to cover that zit on your cheek.

Looking to learn more about snapchat nudes?  Head over to True Snaps and check out their sexy snapchat blog, or check out the video below to learn more.

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3 Unique Traits of Bengal Cats

3. Bengals are Known for Their Distinctive Spotter or “Marbled” Coat

Bengal cats are mostly known for their uniquely patterned fur, which is very short, very silky, and often “sparkles” at the tips of each when any sort of light hits it in the right angle. No two cats’ markings are exactly the same, but the coat of the Bengal cat comes in two key patterns: spots and two-toned markings often referred to as “rosettes.” The other is marbled, which means the cat carries long stripes on its coat that swirl all over and around their bodies. The most famous and mostly seen colors of the Bengal cat are brown and black, but the cat can come in a whole palette of differing shades, which include silver and black, silver and seal brown, charcoal, and blue. The eyes of Bengal cats are usually gold and yellow, aqua and blue, or green. Bengals happen to be big, muscular kitties. They are never as big as Norwegian Forest Cats or Maine Coons, however, according to some popular research, Bengals can weigh anywhere between 6 and 15 pounds; some cat scholars even suggest that the bigger Bengals can weigh in at around 18 pounds.

2.) Wildcat/Domestic Cat Hybrid

In this day and age, having your own leopard cat, which is a tiny spotted wildcat that comes from South and East Asia and is also known as the Asian leopard cat can sometimes seem like a very intense proposition. Although things were much simpler in 1963 when a cat breeder by the name of Jean Sugden bought a female leopard cat from a local pet shop. Sugden apparently assumed the spotted kittie cat looked so lonesome inside its cage, so she put a domestic male kittie cat in there with him, with no intentions of the two reproducing. One other rendition of this story is told so that Sugden was purposely looking to breed a domestic cat that looked more like a leopard in order to get women to wearing coats made out of leopard-skin, however, nature found a way, and the two cats reproduced with each other. Later on, the leopard cat would give birth to a whole litter of kittens. Unfortunately, only one female kitten made it out alive, however, the leopard cat was impregnated one more time and eventually did give birth to two more little kittens.

1.) This Was Temporarily a Problem

  As soon as 1985 came around, Mill had already figured out how to breed several Bengals, and she would begin to show these new creations at cat shows that were hosted by The International Cat Association, which is one of the world’s most well-known registries of pedigreed feline creatures. However, this new crossbred cat wasn’t greeted with welcoming reactions: Protests by cat breeders were erupting, people shouting that it was dangerous to show cats cross-bred from non-domestic wild animals, while others simply claimed that it was unethical to breed endangered or dangerous wildcats with domestic ones. However this rather exotic cat found its own fan base, and these fans created fan clubs such as The International Bengal Cat Society.

Learn more about Bengal cats by watching the video below!